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The Successful Accommodation Owner’s To-Do Checklist

A lot of our website owners often get so busy that they don’t get round to doing all the online jobs that they should be doing periodically to ensure that their online presence is being updated, and more likely to get noticed…below are some “jobs” that every successful accommodation owner should be doing each week… if you think we’ve missed anything let us know via the comments box below, and we’ll add it!

  1. Schedule your social media posts! To get really organised, use a scheduling service such as Social Pilot so you could add a whole week or month’s worth or so of posts in one go, and then relax! To make the most of your social posts, use GetStencil or Canva to make eye catching layouts (we use this all the time for our Facebook group posts)
The Successful Accommodation Owner's To-Do Checklist
  1. Add a blog post to your website. Having a blog can dramatically improve your website’s visibility and search engine ranking potential. (We’ll be writing a separate article about this in due course). The blog post can be quite short, just a few paragraphs and a few photos will suffice, but make it interesting and worth reading. The main aim should be to make your readers want to continue reading and of course, also to come and visit!
  2. Send out an email blast. One of the best ways to get direct bookings is to start to build up your own email marketing list, these can be past guests or people who have visited your website and signed up to receive your newsletters. The benefit of building up your own database of potential and past guests is that all of these people have shown an interest, or stayed with you before. So are much more likely to be interested in an email you send them about late availability or a special offer. Below is a demo of Sendinblue, especially great for WordPress website owners, this is all you need to get started with your email marketing. Part of your to-do list will be to add any new email addresses from recent guests to the list.
The Successful Accommodation Owner's To-Do Checklist
  1. Check your website… Something you should do at least once a week to make sure everything is ok. Sometimes plugins will auto-update and cause an issue with other plugins, or the new update may have an issue with a browser, so keeping an eye is advisable. Updating your website text and images is also highly recommended, as Google likes to see that web pages are updated frequently.

What other jobs do you do periodically for your accommodation marketing? Let us know in the comments box below and we’ll update the article!

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