How to add a Coronavirus Update on your website

We were asked recently by one of our Accommodation Owners how website owners could add a Coronavirus Advice Update to their website as attractively as possible…here are some suggestions…

Some owners just want to show a small paragraph of text to quickly advise onsite visitors what their current status is with regards to taking on bookings and cancellations etc. So for this, adding a small Info box, or an image containing the text to their home page will suffice. If you have a lot of information to impart, eg FAQs on bookings, insurance, cancellations etc, you may wish to put together a new page for this purpose, and link through to it from a Call To Action placed on your home page, which can be a simple image, or a Info box with a link through.

See our demo website which shows a lovely Info box Call to action: Click Here.

Alternatively you can create a Call To Action using an image:

If you are one of our web design customers, you can ask us about our Slide-in / Pop-up marketing tool, where you can add a nice call to action, take a look at Olde Blue Bell Cottages who are using this option.

If you want to use the above image for your own website, simply right click and save it to your computer, and link the image to your info page or see the below comments box to use the html code (we can’t add plain text to this post)

Take a look also at Cornish Seaview Cottages who have added a small info link to their sidebar, linking through to a full information page.

Let us know if you can think of any other nice ways of adding updates such as these to your website; and we can have a go using our demo website to show you what it will look like!

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