Challenge #6 How & What to post on your Facebook Page

It’s hard for accommodation owners to know what to post on their Facebook Business Page. For today’s challenge, you are going to create a post and publish it on your page.

Here are some guidelines for creating content.

If you’re new to Facebook you will want to start with an introduction/welcome post

Introduction / Welcome

Suggested format to follow

  1. A welcome to your social media accounts.
  2. Acknowledge the current crisis facing us all
  3. A quick introduction about your accommodation business
  4. A lovely image of your accommodation.

If it’s not your first post then we would suggest an update post.

Tip: We suggest doing this once a week.

Update Post

This post should follow a similar format to the welcome post. But you will want to add more variety to it.

  1. Acknowledge the current crisis – You can reference anything in the news that has caught your attention. However, avoid being too political as this could alienate potential guests.
  2. Let people know what you’ve been doing to the accommodation during this period. It may be that you’ve taken the chance to redecorate or done something to the garden. Or you could tell people about a lovely walk you’ve found in the area that they may wish to try if they stay with you.
  3. Include a picture of what you’ve been doing or the walk.
  4. Wish everyone the best and mention how you look forward to welcoming guests once all this is over.

Tip: You can use Canva from Challenge #5 to create an eye-catching post with your photo – Click here

Posting on your Facebook Page.

It’s very simple to post on your Facebook business page. Just follow the steps below.

Log into your Facebook account.

Click the down arrow which looks more like an upside-down triangle on the top right and select your business page.

Once on your business page. Click into the post section and add your post and photo(s)/image(s)

Click “Post” and you’re done. It really is that simple. See you tomorrow for Challenge #7

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