Challenge #4 Create a Twitter Account for your Accommodation Business

Twitter might not be up there with Facebook and Instagram for promoting your accommodation business but with over 500 million users, you need to have a presence there.

Luckily setting up a Twitter profile is incredibly easy especially if you follow our step by step guide below.

1. Go to and complete the sign up. Entering your name, your email, a password, and a username. Ideally use the same email address and same/similar username that you used for Facebook and Instagram. The key here is consistency to make each you are easily recognisable on each platform.

2. Click “create my account”.

4.Click “next”.

5. Build your timeline. Twitter will ask you to follow 3 accounts from a selection it gives you. There is no option to skip this.

6. Build your timeline part 2. Twitter will then ask you to follow another 5 accounts, and then 5 people you know. However, you can skip these last two steps by clicking on the “skip” button located on the bottom right side of the box.

7. Confirmation email. Finally, Twitter will ask you confirm your email address.  Check your email account for the confirmation email, and click the link provided from Twitter.

Your Twitter profile is now set-up!

Now, you begin to customise your Twitter profile and page.

Please Note: When customizing your Twitter account, keep your username, profile photo, background image and bio consistent with your company brand, and social media marketing strategy.

8. Add A Profile Picture. This photo appears with your Tweets to your followers. It provides your account with an identity. We suggest you use a logo (if you have one) or image of your accommodation.

Tip: Keep your photo relevant to your brand.

9. Upload header. The header shows up as the background to your Twitter profile photo. Once again this needs to be the same as your branding. Ideally use the same image used for Facebook.

Note: Recommended dimensions for a header are 1252 x 626, with maximum file size of 5MB

10. Add your website address. Include your accommodation business website, so that your Twitter followers can easily find your website.

11. Add your bio. You have 160 characters maximum to tell the Twitter users about your accommodation. Be concise. If possible use what you have added for your Facebook bio.

12. Facebook. Twitter allows you to post your Tweets directly to your Facebook page. However, we don’t recommend this if you are planning on Tweeting frequently (multiple times a day). This is because Twitter and Facebook are different types of social media platforms. There is a chance your Facebook fans will get annoyed with the posting frequency of tweets.

13. Click “Save Changes”.

To view your Twitter profile, click on “Me” in the top header.

Let us know how you got on!

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