Challenge #3 – Linking Instagram with Facebook

Save time and effort by linking Instagram with Facebook. These two offer a level of integration you won’t find across any other social media platforms. Linking your accounts will allow you to post the pics and videos you take or edit using the Instagram directly to Facebook. Each image or video you share goes back to its original source, resulting in more views and greater engagement. Facebook has a larger user base than Instagram, so it’s likely you’ll reach more people. Also, it’s widely thought that Instagram’s algorithm is thought to prioritise posts with higher engagement, therefore the increased likes could help your content rank higher. Even for those who are not looking for more exposure, cross-posting could allow your Facebook contacts that aren’t on Instagram to keep up with your activity. You will also be able to more easily recover either account if you ever lose access.

Linking Instagram with Facebook

It doesn’t matter if you use iOS or Android as the process for linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts is virtually identical. However, Keep in mind, that this can only be done via a smartphone app.

Step 1 – Open the Instagram app and go to your Profile screen.

Step 2 – Tap the three horizontal lines that symbolize the menu icon in the upper-right corner of your profile

Step 3 – Tap Settings at the bottom of your display

Step 4 – Tap Accounts

Step 5 – Tap Linked acounts

Step 6 – Tap Facebook. Sign in using your login credentials either through the Facebook app or your mobile browser

That’s it! Your accounts will now be linked. You will now be able to post simultaneously on both platforms. Every time you wish to share an Instagram photo on Facebook, you can do so by enabling its corresponding button on the caption screen.

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