Are your social posts not getting any attention? Here’s how to make your posts unforgettable…

A lot of of accommodation owners find social media hard work…and it’s understandable. After spending a long day sorting out your accommodation the last thing you want to do is spend ages on a computer or phone, trying to create an engaging, upbeat post. So here are some great resources that will help!

  1. Get your posts noticed – your posts are far more likely to get re-posted, liked etc if you use a service like Canva to put together an outstanding image to accompany your text. This is especially true if you don’t want to include one of your own photos…for example take a look at this Facebook image we made for our group the other day:

If we didn’t have this image to accompany our facebook post, very few people would notice it so would be a huge waste of time! Using Canva you can add text to images, use their pre-made templates and more! We use Canva nearly every day, from making Logos, to social posts.

2. Don’t just do one post, do many! Save time by using a service such as Later to load up all your social posts for the month in one go! So if you have had a professional photographer take some great photos, or you have lots of lovely photos of your own to use, simply sign up to Later (it’s free) and do it all in one go! You can always do single posts here and there if necessary separately, but at least you will have something going out to your social accounts frequently.

3. Promote your posts…if you haven’t many followers, your posts aren’t likely to get seen. If they aren’t seen, they can’t be “liked” which then gets your posts seen by others. You can pay to promote your posts so that you can gain some followers. In addition you should make sure your website has links to your social accounts, and encourage your past guests to follow you.

4. Lastly, use hashtags where appropriate. Using hashtags on Twitter and Instagram will greatly increase the chances of people finding your posts. Make sure your social accounts profile area includes a link to your website so that anyone interested in finding out more about your accommodation can quickly click and get to your website.

Got any other suggestions? We’d love to hear from you!

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